Ambit Drive: Post-Quantum File Storage & Backup

Ambit Drive

Ambit Drive file management and backup software secures data-at-rest on end-devices and in the cloud. Sleep easy knowing that Post-Quantum cryptography mitigates risk and impact of breaches for decades to come and dual revision history and rollback reduces the impact of ransomware attacks.Ambit Drive offers the highest level of security currently available via a Kyber 1024 (ML-KEM) construction, ensuring that your data is protected against all threats, including the most advanced quantum computers.
Feauturing Crypto-Agility, all data stored is compliant with today’s requirements and Post-Quantum Encryption can be effortlessly deployed when ready. Works with any modern OS and any existing networking hardware or software including virtual and bare metal servers. Mobile versions coming soon.

Guarantee your peace of mind; choose the best cybersecurity - choose Ambit Drive.

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