About Us

AMBIT, INC. Is a forward-leaning cybersecurity company that specializes in privacy, communications, post-quantum security, and quantum solutions.


Our mission is to create a new class of future-proof software that is at least five (5) years beyond the capabilities of solutions in the market today. We are committed to turning the tide against cybercrime and digital tyranny that intrude on our universal and inalienable human rights. Our aim is to guarantee access to electronic communication and internet privacy in every country, state, and province of the world.

To secure a post-quantum world, we command expertise through our collaboration with Quantum technology partners such as Zapata Computing, themselves having been born out of a Harvard University. By writing joint proposals and taking on original research projects, we absorb a high level of uncommon knowledge and expertise on the topic of Quantum threats to cybersecurity and digital privacy.

AMBIT, INC. follows the NIST standardization path for post-quantum encryption. We leverage a class of cryptography that includes constructions found in lattice-based cryptography, such that it is applicable to a classical computer. We then anchor on complexity classes that are not vulnerable to quantum computers at any scale. Examples of such constructions include the Short Integer Solution (SIS) problem, Learning With Errors (LWE), and Learning With Rounding (LWR), just to name a few.

From radio spectrum to baseband and computer hardware, our focus is on developing real solutions that are resistant against authoritarian state surveillance, human rights abuses, intellectual property theft, and cyber terrorism such as with the Equifax hack.

We focus on legitimate decentralized architectures as opposed to shortcuts such as supernodes and turn servers, evidenced by the complexity of our non-provisional patents “Method and apparatus for resilient decoy routing without conspiring autonomous systems (as) via distributed hash table (dht) routing” as a starter of the many more to come.

A question we ask ourselves every day is, “what is the purpose of doing a wonderful job this year if in doing so we ignored the problems bringing us to a slow boil 10 years down the road?” Owning the much greater mission of adjusting for tomorrow’s risks today is what defines the forward-leaning heart of this company and its team. Such a corporate strategy, while sharper and more sustainable, requires a new type of teamwork that isn’t just internal to AMBIT, INC, but which also extends between us and our mindful users, whose concerns are on the horizon as much as they are the present.

We achieve our mission through teamwork. It takes a high resiliency for delayed gratification to navigate the long horizon we are setting out for ourselves. We seek those who wish to own the responsibility of solving the world’s problems through low-power distance leadership and teamwork, losing ourselves in our focus on the mission. This builds a high trust culture. Those who violate that trust will not find themselves to be a cultural fit.

We are a team rooted in the need to act with wisdom against all impulses and temptation. That means we forgive each other where we fail in our professional and personal lives while investing in each other to grow and learn. We imagine only the best of intentions of each other. If we are to achieve our mission and not end up just another company with a list of products and no “genuine” ownership over the world’s problems, this level of investment, trust, teamwork, compassion, and sincerity is required.

We value a representative and creative diversity that empowers each of us to be defined and measured by the results of our work. We strive to treat each other free of discrimination, with the view that those whom we work with us wish to be defined almost solely by our ability to execute far-reaching goals that challenge us to the point of discomfort and growth. We work to create a home for the uniquely driven who are narrowly focused on bringing technological dreams to reality.

We are a high-trust team, which means that personalities loose with lying, manipulation and selfishness are unwelcome in our company. Our only competition is with those outside the company and the forces that our mission asks us to tame. This style of team culture only works when everyone is equally as genuine.

If someone forgets to take the trash out, the CEO will take it out and forget to mention it. We expect this attitude from everyone who works with us towards our mission. Our focus is so forward leaning that we lose might sight of the present. This same level of focus is the baseline to be a cultural fit for our team at AMBIT, INC. We define ourselves by where we are going in a vacuum, and not by how we compare to those going there with us. We insist on these very focused goal-first values for everyone on our team without exception.


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