Who We Are

American Binary is a cybersecurity company made up of multi-disciplinary technologists, engineers, and security professionals who share a passion for solving the industry's hardest and most impactful challenges.

Our Mission

Our mission is to protect critical verticals by delivering uniquely secure, efficient, and scalable quantum resistant cloud infrastructure solutions.

Our Technology

American Binary technology is uniquely secure, efficient, and scalable.

American Binary follows the NIST standardization path for post-quantum encryption, ensuring resistance to quantum computing attacks, and expected to remain secure for decades. Each component of the products complies with the upcoming CNSA 2.0 standards, from Kyber 1024 (ML-KEM) key-encapsulation to the finest implementation details; without any elliptic-curve or hybrid encryption.

We know how important network efficiency is to running a business. American Binary networking products offer outstandingly low latency and high throughput.

American Binary's solutions are built on an open architecture and can interoperate seamlessly with existing hardware and software. Deployment is automated and all products are Crypto-Agile; they can work with any standardized encryption and update it with a single API call.