Who We Are

American Binary is a Quantum Safe Networking (TM) and post-quantum encryption company made up of multi-disciplinary technologists, engineers, and security professionals, with expertise in privacy, communications, software engineering, and post-quantum security.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create a new information ecosystem by building Quantum-Safe Networks and communities. We are committed to digital privacy by ensuring the safety and security for the world. Our aim is to guarantee access to electronic communication and internet privacy.

Our Technology

At American Binary, we are solving the most difficult security problems of the quantum age.

American Binary follows the NIST standardization path for post-quantum encryption. We use lattice-based cryptography constructions that are not vulnerable to quantum computing brute force attacks.

Leveraging our multi-disciplinary network of expertise in physical and mathematical sciences, quantum mechanics, and cryptography, we develop Post-Quantum Encryption-as-a-Service (QEaaS) solutions to secure infrastructure, networks, and applications of the future.