Product Overview

Post-Quantum Team and Enterprise Communication
  • Post-Quantum Encrypted Teams, Startups, and Enterprise Communication: Video, File Transfer, Chat
  • Ensures recorded domestic and overseas network traffic cannot be future decrypted with a quantum computer.
  • Cryptographic primitives: NIST Level 5 Lattice-based encryption evaluated by world-class cryptographers for 7 years.
Post-Quantum Encryption as an Appliance

Post-Quantum In-Transit Encryption

  • Post-Quantum VPNs
    • MaxKyber - “Kyber in Kyber” AKE with Kyber1024 keys with inner Kyber512 ephemeral keys
      • Post-Quantum Wireguard
      • Post-Quantum IKEv2
    • “American Binary is years ahead of any nearest competitor in post-quantum encryption.” Publicly Traded Major Telecom
  • Additional Internet Protocols
    • Post-Quantum SOCKS5
    • Post-Quantum HTTP and HTTPS
    • Post-Quantum POP3
    • Post-Quantum SMTP and FTP

Post-Quantum Encryption-at-Rest

  • Lattice-based hybrid solution (existing solution)