American Binary & WhiteHawk Partner to Accelerate the Post-Quantum Transition

By American Binary

By 2025–within 12 months–the US government’s encryption standards will mandate that all companies selling solutions that use encryption of any kind to the U.S. government must transition to post-quantum encryption per Commercial National Security Algorithm Suite 2.0 (CNSA 2.0.) These new standards prohibit RSA, Elliptic Curves, and other common encryption used by the financial system, healthcare, automotive, and other industries whose data is not secure according to these standards.

To accelerate meeting these new encryption standards, American Binary is thrilled to announce an official partnership with WhiteHawk, Inc; the world’s first cybersecurity exchange. Their experts have vetted our post-quantum encrypted advanced networking, data store, and datalink solutions and will be working with us to bring our CNSA 2.0 compliant cybersecurity to critical industries across the nation.

“American Binary is the perfect exemplar of next generation Cyber Innovation so needed today and going forward for the automated and effective resilience of our Nation, Allies and the World. I am so proud to enable American Binary to conduct further Client engaging R&D and gain the traction they deserve in our Digital Age.” Stated Terry Roberts, Founder and CEO of WhiteHawk CEC Inc.

“WhiteHawk and American Binary will be among the first to offer the U.S. defense and private enterprise community both post-quantum chip-level IoT and crypto-agile network layer encrypted products. With WhiteHawk’s strong market position in cybersecurity coupled with American Binary’s boundary-pushing deep tech, our two companies expect this partnership to accelerate the world’s transition to post-quantum encryption.” Stated Kevin Kane, Founder and CEO of American Binary.

Expect further news about our developments in 2024 and learn more about WhiteHawk here.