Aquarian Space & American Binary Team Up

By American Binary

American Binary is proud to announce that the company is working with Aquarian Space to bring post-quantum encrypted Internet to the Moon and greater Solar System.

Post-Quantum Cryptography (PQC) is new encryption that is designed to be unbreakable by a future quantum computer. The White House—see Presidential Memo dated May 4, 2022—and most of the U.S. intelligence community are advocating for everyone in the world to begin upgrading this new encryption. The U.S. Department of Defense and. Intelligence Community has 24 months to transition to new encryption standards that include Post-Quantum Cryptography.

Post-Quantum Encryption is important because bad actor governments record encrypted data over their telecom networks. They do this so that in the future they can decrypt it with a future quantum computer. They do this so they can steal the IP that belongs to the S&P 500 and greater tech community. They also do this so they can use private data to blackmail and extort executives and private citizens. Post-Quantum Encryption is our only solution to stop this potentially inevitable outcome.

“Aquarian Space and American Binary will be first to offer enduring digital security via post-quantum encryption for the future of humanity in space. Imagine a future where encryption ensures that on any imaginable future timeline it will be safe from being broken. This in turn ensures not only our privacy as individuals, but the integrity of our economy through secured intellectual property. Such future security is the very real promise of NIST standardized post-quantum cryptography according to the greatest cryptographers and scientific minds in the world,” Kevin Kane, CEO, American Binary

About American Binary

American Binary is post-quantum cryptography and networking technology company with cryptographic constructions used in live operations, and with intelligence community war fighters such as Trident Spectre. Tapped to write a white paper for the 2020 White House transition team on Quantum Computing Risk, American Binary helped frame the current administrations' posture towards post-quantum cryptography. With technology deployed in 2020 at sea in live naval exercises, American Binary paved the way for its competitors to follow behind it with early federal testing and adoption. American Binary partners with cybersecurity companies to upgrade their products with its implementations.

American Binary built one of the world’s first—if not the first—OSI Model Layer 3 (Network Layer) implementation of a pure post-quantum Kyber construction that achieves what telecoms call, Line Speed. American Binary’s network layer implementation of Kyber can post-quantum encrypt data links and fiber optics without any loss on throughput and without any observable loss from latency.

American Binary built a telecom Carrier Grade implementation of Kyber at the network layer. With a Carrier Grade implementation for lattice-based post-quantum encryption that has been tested over Lumen (CenturyLink) fiber optic networks. American Binary can support 4k, and 8k, video streaming with no loss in performance, no loss of data, and at line speed—which translates to speed the same as if there were no encryption.

About Aquarian Space

Aquarian Space, backed by Draper Associates (one of SpaceX’s earliest investors) plans to deploy its first lunar satellite in the first quarter of 2024, and in fact bring a connection fast enough for the 4K video streaming.

The satellite is part of a constellation Aquarian Space is planning to initiate end-to-end communications and data services between the moon and Earth as part of SOLNET internet for the Solar System. Current moon and deep space providers are not equipped to handle an increasing number of proposed missions to the moon and beyond. Last year there were 13 missions on and around the moon, and by the end of the decade there will be close to 200. Aquarian is building SOLNET to meet this emerging need and will launch a second satellite in 2025 to provide 24/7 high data rate communications between the moon and Earth with continuous coverage of the South Pole.

Media Contact

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